Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Sincere Desire

I have felt a subtle change in my life that hasn't always been there.  I can honestly say that throughout my life I have wanted to be a good person who wants to choose the right in everything that I do.  Lately I have felt an urging and a desire to take it one step further and always try to do the very best thing that I can.
We are children of a Heavenly Father and we carry within us characteristic traits of Him.  He wants us to be happy and to experience the joys that come from doing what is right.
I listened to a General Conference talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He spoke of being a good and honest man. 
I believe that the best effort we can give is sufficient. 
I have always believed that to do my best is ultimately easier on my life than to settle for mediocrity.
Let me share a tiny example that can apply to life.  I once worked with a man who was a goodly man but his work ethic wasn't the greatest.  Building aircraft parts seems like a pretty important job and building them correctly seems absolutely necessary.  I watched as this man did average work and didn't seem to care about good workmanship.  One day I approached him about his work.  I asked him if he wanted to board the airplane that had been poorly constructed but was still going to fly at thirty-five thousand feet.  He told me that he didn't like to fly.  I asked if he had family members that did fly.  His answer was 'yes'.  He thought about that for a few moments and then promised that from that day on he would make the necessary changes to do better.  He did.  I was grateful for his willingness to change and  a desire to do better.
We have an obligation to do better. 
Life is so wonderful and doing the right thing contributes to a better way of living.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doing Good Pays Off

I attended a training course where I was able to meet many wonderful people. I met one particular woman who was very bright and extremely capable in her specific field of work.
I noticed in our company's news, today, that she had been honored for her help in an orphanage based in India. I felt happy for this woman and I tip my hat to her for her contributions.  It was neat that I had met and interacted with this woman and that she was being rewarded for her hard work and dedication for something very worth while.
There is so much to learn from other people. I am grateful to be alive and to be the beneficiary of the kind acts of many others.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Moving Forward--Together

Becky and I went to Orem to visit our grandparents. My mom is in town to be with them for the next week. Grandpa's health continues to worsen but he keeps 'hanging on' through these last days.
I thought about how good life is when we go through it together. I watch my grandma as she shows her true love and devotion for my grandpa and reflect on the promises that Becky and I made the day we got married.
I want to emphasize how important it is to move forward in life, even after the stumbles that take place, and be united in all that you do.
Marriage is ordained of God and the marriages between a man and a woman are supposed to be enjoyable. Working through the struggles builds strong character and the love that can be enjoyed is endless.
I held Becky's hand yesterday and felt grateful for all that she does to make life wonderful for me and our children.
Difficult times will come to all of us and some of you might be right in the middle of one of the 'storms' of life but there is hope that eventually the sun will shine through the clouds of mortality and the refreshment of a new beginning is shortly on the horizon. That new beginning will be worth the endurance that you pursued.
Move forward with faith and with a sense of unity that will prove the worth of the one that you so desperately love. Be in it together, no matter what!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Children

I want to devote this entire post to our four children. they bring Becky and I untold joy. They are trying to be the best that they can be and I believe that they are succeeding in their quest to be more like their Savior, Jesus Christ.
Natalie is a huge help to us as parents. She is old enough to be responsible and to be very capable to do many things around the house. She is a terrific example of righteousness and giving her very best effort in life. Her work ethic is amazing. She sticks to the task at hand and doesn't stop until the job is done. Thanks Nat for being a great daughter. I love you.
Laurel is full of life with plenty of energy. I love the way that she tackles life. She is outgoing and doesn't seem afraid of very much. She is hard-working and dedicated to doing the things that are right. She is helpful and will do what she is asked to do. Becky and I are grateful for her presence in our family. I love you.
Brady is a gentle boy. He is a loving boy who wants to do the right. From the time that he was a little boy Becky and I have been grateful for his smile and his open affection with us. I marvel at the love he has for his mom. There aren't very many eleven year old boys that will give their mom a hug and a kiss, even out in the open when the world says that its not cool to do so. Thanks for loving us openly, Brady. I love you so much!
Danny is a happy boy. He has an enthusiasm that is infectious. His smile brightens the day. I am grateful for his accepting nature--arms wide open for the underdog. I love the energy that he brings to our family as the youngest child. I thank heaven every day for this nice boy.
There isn't a dad on this planet that is more thankful than I to have the children that Becky and I have to look after and to teach. We learn so much and I hope that Becky and I will take the opportunity to give daily thanks for these four kids. It is a true joy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Natalie received a bird for her main birthday gift several years ago.  It is a parakeet whose name is Sky because of the beautiful blue and white coloring.  This bird has been an easy animal to care for and the sounds he makes are beautiful.
This morning, Brady began to play on the piano and Sky immediately started dancing to the music he was playing.  It made me chuckle at this small creation that has brought Natalie and our entire family a lot of joy.
I am grateful for the animals that bless our lives.  The thought that went into creating the earth in which we live is remarkable to me.  I am thankful to be a small part of it.
The dancing of this small bird has brightened my day and once again reminded me of His love for me.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Are You Willing To Help?

It’s that time of year when our minds are turned to an increased desire to help the less-fortunate.  As the holiday season approaches there are many who will go without.  It doesn’t take much to help lift the spirits of someone who is down.

I bring this up because there is time to plan a little before the time is actually here.  There are many of you who help people constantly and I find that incredibly admirable.  Thanks for your good example.  I would like to challenge everyone to find somebody or a family that will benefit from our acts of kindness.

Our service will help them through their struggles.  Put on your thinking caps and begin thinking of what you can do. 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Power of Kind Words

I know people who are heroes in my life.  They are heroes in a different way than is typical. 

No matter the situation that they find themselves in their words are the same.  They reflect a person who is willing to bridle their frustrations and speak in a respectful way—all the time!

I hope that by the time my life is through that I will be a person like this.

One of these heroes is somebody I don’t even know that well.  He works at the same place I do.  Granted, I have never been in his home and I don’t interact with him in any other venue than work but for a lot of years I have watched him treat others how he would like to be treated and always kept himself in control.  He speaks in a tone of gentleness.  I admire that a great deal.

The power that comes from gentle words is incredible.  I hope to be like one of my heroes.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Capital "Q" In Quality Family Time

Last night we sat around the kitchen table to frost and decorate Halloween sugar cookies that Becky had baked.  I looked around the table and thought about the time we spend together and what great memories it solidifies in our lives.  There are some that wouldn't find this kind of activity enjoyable but it felt like a small piece of heaven to me.
There are conversations that don't happen anywhere else in our lives than those than occur around the kitchen table.  I love to hear what is going on in the minds of our kids, their interests, and their desires.  I love that there is a comfortable atmosphere where they can be open without fear of anything negative happening to them.  I love that we have a safe home where we can enjoy one another.  I love that we can be frank with one another and live in peace and harmony.
Our daughter, Laurel expressed her love for her family.  It made me happy that our kids want to succeed together.  I am grateful for the joy and happiness that they all bring to mine and Becky's life.  It is a rich blessing to be a husband and father and to thoroughly enjoy myself.  My life is a dream come true and I have my family to thank for that.  I love you all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Joy of Song

I am richly blessed to live in a household where every member of the family enjoys music. Becky and each of the kids is blessed with the talent to play multiple instruments and to want to share their abilities. The accoustic guitar is one of my favorite sounding instruments. I love the sounds that the various strings make and when a melody is played it's sound is hard to beat.
The other night Laurel played a piece that she had newly learned and Becky and I listened as she played and sang along. It was a quiet moment that fed my heart a remarkable peace that left me overjoyed. How thankful I am for those 'snapshots' of life that remain memorable for a very long time after they happen. I am grateful for the sharing of talents that uplifts and edifies my heart and soul. There's nothing quite like music.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Need Your Help

May I tell you about a recent experience that happened and brought my heart a lot of joy? Becky sees the needs of others very well and then she is quick to act. I have watched over the nearly eighteen years of marriage as she jumps in and helps out. We have talked about this before but service to another rarely comes at a convenient time. It has never mattered to Becky. I am grateful for her wisdom and the love she has for other people.
A person called to get some help and Becky was not home. This person tried to contact some other people but was dismissed because of other distractions in their lives. Finally the person was able to contact Becky and help was on it's way. I admire her willingness to share of the gifts and talents she possesses. It is her compassion that blesses these people.
I am thankful to have her as my best friend and my sweetheart. Thanks love, for all that you do! I am the beneficiary of daily acts of service from you.
I want to be the type of person that will act when someone is in need.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Knowledge is an amazing thing. There are very few things in my life that I really care to know about. One of the greatest blessings of my life is the knowledge that there is a purpose to this life. We are not just here for fun--although it is very enjoyable. I know that there is a God who we call our Father and He is perfectly aware of me and you. Since we left His presence we have gained a lot of knowledge that is important for not only now but for eternity, yet to come. He sent His Son, who willingly obeyed His Father, to help us overcome the imperfections that we have and to be able to be clean from those mistakes that we make and one day return to live with our Father who loves us eternally. Jesus Christ is His Son and I love Him with all of my heart. I am thankful for the love He has for me and I hope to live my life in a way that demonstrates that love. I know that the family unit is a creation of our Father and that the families we are a part can help us and teach us some principles that can help us to grow. I am grateful for Becky and each of the four children that have been 'entrusted to our care'. We are trying to teach them correct principles and to be actively engaged in their lives. That parenting never ends, no matter how old they are. I know that through the covenants (promises) Becky and I have made with God and with each other in the temple that we can be together forever. That is comforting!
All other things are great but these few truths bring me comfort and happiness.
Knowledge is a beautiful thing!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Familiar Smells

Becky and I were talking to our daughters just the other night. The conversation turned to when they were babies and I remembered bathing them each day and then lathering their entire bodies and relishing in the wonderful smell that the experience offered. I can smell that even as I write and it brings back such fond memories.
When Natalie was born I was at the end of my job training to get hired on as a full-time employee for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. The training was stressful for me for many different reasons. It was October 2, 1995. I was in class when all of the sudden my name was called out by Becky's dad that we needed to go to the hospital because Becky was going to have a baby. At last the much anticipated moment was finally here! After she was born, I gave her first bath and the smell of that experience is very clear in my mind.
I love the smell of fresh flowers. The smell of a lilac bush reminds me of playing in my grandparents' yard. I can feel a football in my hand as I scrambled to get away from my older brother before he could tackle me. Those lilac bushes ran the perimeter of their yard.
The smell of goodness and cleanliness reminds me of the comfort I feel in the arms of my sweet wife. Becky always smells good.
The impact of a smell is powerful. We all have those smells just like I illustrated. Give it some thought and you'll find that some of your feelings are similar to mine.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Never Enough Smiles

I was with our boys and I watched as the many people walked past us with frowns on their faces.  I wondered to myself the cause of such looks. 
I can hear my mom's quiet words in my mind.  I'm forty years old and her advice seems more and more profound at the present time.
There are so many reasons to wear a smile on our faces.
I had a recent conversation with a man that I would consider a pessimist.  I made the comment that there is a lot to smile about and he rebutted with negativity.
I would suggest that a smile should be an automatic.  It sure helps turn most situations into a positive experience.
I love the words of a song that goes something like this:

"A smile is like the sunshine; It brightens up the day. It gives the eye a twinkle And chases frowns away." (Anna Johnson~LDS Children's Songbook)

Give the world a smile and show them that you are really happy.  Your actions will positively affect somebody else and brighten up their day.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Little Clearer

I recently picked up one of those glass domes that you shake and the snow flakes engulf the entire dome. A scene is built inside the dome and the snowy effect of the tiny flakes creates a wintry atmosphere. I played with one of these from the time I was a small child but my focus is different now than it was then. As a boy I was mesmerized by all of the snow, giving little or no thought to the scene that was the essence of the dome. The snow flakes were the only thing I cared about. I shook the dome hard and tried to focus my attention on a small grouping of snowflakes. I look at the miniature figures that became covered with the flakes as they dropped ever so gently. Once I could see that all of the flakes had rested in their various places I shook the dome again, this time with a shifting focus. I tried to envision what the actual scene was about. I paid little attention to the movement of the snowflakes. I repeated this exercise one last time with my attention being placed on the entire scene as a whole. This experience taught me a couple of simple truths and reminded me of a lesson I have known all of my life.
Lesson #1--Don't become so involved with a singular act that you miss out on all of the other things that are happening all around.
Lesson #2--The small things of life are just as important as the big ones.
Lesson #3--Life is about the whole experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Who would have ever thought that a tiny glass dome would be impactful to me? It was. It's reminder was clear and concise. Our lives are filled with so many great things and to notice what we really have is a very integral part.
Just like it was for me the next time you shake one of those domes focus on the whole experience and not just the tiny flakes that flutter all about.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Are A Happy Family

Last night I attended a meeting where a young woman was set apart as a full-time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, called to serve in the Marshall Islands. It was a wonderful gathering. There were at least fifty people in attendance and the spirit that was in the room was overpowering. This is the youngest child of the family and this young woman has a sister and a brother currently serving their own missions.
Can I tell you the thing that struck me the most about this family? They are not perfect but they are trying to do their best. Some of their children have made good choices and some have not. The parents love them and you could feel it.
In the October issue of the Ensign magazine, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches that one of the keys to a happy family is the forgiving of imperfections of family members. I really liked that teaching. We all know that even in the closest families the difference in personalities sometimes causes conflict but the happy families forgive and find ways to move forward. That can be difficult in varying circumstances but I know that what President Uchtdorf taught is true.
Be humble and find ways to mend differences. This life is very short and before you know it your time is finished. I don't want undone issues when I leave this existence and I don't think that many other people do either.
Let's choose today to be happy and do all that it takes to fix the things that are amiss. Life is grand!
I will remember the feeling I had last night for a very long time. Their example was a treasure to my heart.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check Out Those Shoes

We've all experienced what I'm about to talk about. I have heard this from the mouths of our own children and other children as well.
"These new shoes can run fast!"
I can't help but smile when I have heard this.
I overheard a young boy say to his mother, "Mom, do you think that these new shoes will be able to run faster than Braxton?" The mother responded matter-of-fact to her son, "I'll bet so."
We all have things in our lives that give us the mental boost we need to overcome the trials and challenges that life 'deals' us. These psychological helps give the necessary energy we need to be the best that we can be.
Out of the mouths of young people are taught the valuable lessons we so badly need. I am grateful for these lessons that help me personally and give a perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise received. I love the outlook of children and the humor that comes with their simplicity.
The next time you face a difficulty, think about those fast running shoes that kids are convinced will sprint them to victory. If nothing else comes from that thought a smile will surely appear and a good laugh can get you through anything.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Do What You Say

When I was young my parents taught us kids to do what we say.
I have tried to follow this wisdom. It is a very important principle to follow.  Let me share something with you that will illustrate the importance of doing what you say you will do.
I was hired to clean dirt off of wooden boards that were owned by a farmer who lived in the same small Utah town where we lived.  The boards were used to place in the cages of the farmer's younger mink so that they wouldn't fall through the links of the cage.  Once the mink got to a certain age and grew bigger, the boards were removed until the following year.  This farmer hired me for the job but because of the monotony of the job I didn't ever complete what I said I would do.
The boards remained in a heap without any concern from me.  The farmer didn't pay attention to my neglect until he needed the boards the following year.
You guessed it, this man was in a predicament because I didn't follow through.
Do what you say and then there will always be situations that are good and comfortable.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Upliftment That Comes

I am a devout 'church-goer'.  Since I was a little boy I have enjoyed the feelings I get when I go to church.  Yesterday was no different.
I spoke with a woman who told me of the blessings that she had seen in her own life.
I could relate very well with her and I understood of what she spoke.  The major difference was the that I couldn't understand her specific trials.
The lesson I learned was the importance of overcoming the trials that one faces.  This woman had learned from a wonderful mother the need to learn from the hard times and the implementation of goodness in your life.  To this woman's credit she followed the counsel of her mother and thereby enjoyed all of the blessings that she was entitled to receive.
Look on the bright side and life is so much better!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Even A Stranger

I attended a Safety Conference at the University of Utah.  In attendance were many people who represented different companies in Utah.  What I enjoyed the very most was the people that I met and conversed with.
I met with two young college graduates who were attending the conference and were from Saudi Arabia.  I was fascinated by our conversation.  It made me realize how neat it is that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.  We have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with people from all different cultures and different backgrounds.  It is a rich blessing.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Look For The Positive

I started this year with an idea of this blog that would attempt to share the positive in life.  I have tried to do that and I will continue to do it until the end of the year.
How good have you done to seek out the good and try to not focus on the negative?
If you've been looking you have realized all of the good things that happen each and every day.
All of the good will continue to happen because of all of the good people that live in our communities.
My challenge is that we are numbered among those good people who are trying to give more to others than we do for ourselves.  It's the selfless acts that bring true happiness.
Lets try to make the best out of every day.
There are more days ahead and I want to do my very best to be the type of person that others can count on to choose the right.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Service Puts A Smile On My Face

Have you ever had a bad feeling when you help somebody out?
That's a dumb question of course.
Our family has been the recipient of acts of kindness throughout the years.  We have also been on the giving end and enjoy the happiness that comes from helping someone else.
Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes.  That is insignificant but there isn't a better feeling in the whole world than service for

I was in the grocery store and I watched as an elderly woman had dropped a couple of items out of one of the plastic grocery bags she was holding.  Without hesitation a man walking nearby quickly picked up the items and placed them back into the bag.  The elderly woman smiled and thanked the man sincerely.  I was grateful for his simple act of kindness.  Those are a big deal and they make me happy to know that there are a lot of good decent people who still care.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day Like Today

There are days when I think to myself, "Can life get any better?"  That is how I feel today.  I am always amazed at the blessings that are poured out into my life.  I have known for a very long time that God blesses all of His children--we just need to recognize them.
I spoke with a gentleman in Winco who told me that he had always felt like he was loved and that he never felt like God would abandon him.  I agreed with him and expressed my love for my Father who is well aware of me and the needs and wants of my heart.  He expressed similar feelings.
I have spoke about this before but I need to reiterate the importance of recognizing all of the blessings that come our way.  The 'blessing conduit' that extends from heaven and reaches to us is not closed.  That I know for sure.  It will never be closed because of the love He has for His children.  He loves us more than we can currently comprehend.  I love Him for everything!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Different People You Meet

I have talked before about the people in life that make a positive impact.  Let me take a minute to tell you about somebody that taught me a valuable lesson.
I watched our youngest child, our son Danny.  He asked me how I learned to whistle so loud.  How old were you when you learned?  He loves to learn and he's not afraid to do what it takes to learn something new.  He wanted to know how to whistle.  We took a few minutes and I showed him how to shape his lips and to place his tongue.  Remember, he wants to know how to whistle really loud.  After I showed him I told him that it would take a lot of practice to fully learn.  He began to practice. With each day, the whistle has gotten increasingly better.  He can't whistle loud yet but it will come eventually.
I love to watch when people get excited about something and their determination to conquer kicks in.
I want to be that way.  Thanks Danny for your example!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Learn All You Can

Our family has supported Danny in his participation in soccer.  He plays on a Recreation team at the Magna Rec. Center.  I have never been interested in the game of soccer but since he began playing I have learned a lot and really enjoyed getting to know the game.
Throughout this soccer season we have watched Danny's team become a cohesive unit--a true team.
In a recent game, all twelve of the team members played an amazing game.  Their passing was flawless and their team work was phenomenal!
I have watched and learned from their hard work and dedication to improve and become better.
I have learned the game of soccer and become quite interested in it.
There is always something to learn.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Press Forward With A Renewed Energy

Today was one of those days that you 'bookmark' in the book of life.  Our family had tickets to attend the morning session of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It couldn't have been better if we would have planned the entire experience ourselves.  From the talks that were given, to the music that was sung, and the conversations we coincidentally had with people we didn't even know.  It was a day for the record books.
I am so grateful for the life that I have.  I am thankful for Becky and the light she brings into my life.  I am thankful for our children and the perspective that they give to me of life and the important aspects of it.  I am thankful for the knowledge that I receive through the whisperings of the 'still small voice', even the Holy Ghost.  I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us dearly.  He wants the very best for us and stands ready to hear and answer the desires of our hearts.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the pathway that we must go, and then He did what only He could do.   It is only through His Atonement that we can overcome the heartache and sorrow that come from the mistakes that we make, make the necessary corrections on our part, and gain complete forgiveness for those errors and then draw closer to our Heavenly Father.  It is only by Him and through Him that we really come to understand the divine Plan of our Heavenly Father.  I am grateful for these truths that carry me forward, day by day.
There is a drive to do a little better each day that passes by.  Just a little at a time makes a huge difference.
How thankful I am for the eternal blessings that are showered upon me in my life. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I awakened this morning with a refreshing feeling.  I thought for a moment of how nice it is to go to bed exhausted and then to wake up feeling really good.  Now I know that the way I feel in the morning is not how everybody feels but sleep, and the healing of the body from a day’s hard work, is a beautiful thing.

Today will be another fun-filled day and so I’m even more thankful that I feel the way I do.

Renewal comes in many different forms.  I go to church on Sundays for the way it rejuvenates me and ‘fills’ my spiritual cup.  Exercise is a way for people to renew themselves and obtain energy for their body.

Of all of these things I give thanks.  Have a great day!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Grass Is Green

In Primary, the song “Give Said The Little Stream” means a lot.  I have long been intrigued by it’s simple message.

“Give said the little stream.  Give oh give.  Give oh give.  Give said the little stream as it hurried down the hill.  I’m small I know but wherever I go, the grass grows greener still.”

We make a conscious decision to be happy and optimistic about life and all that it entails. The grass will be greener as we live with the glass half full and strive to put a smile on our face.  There is so much that we can be grateful for. 

Sometimes even the words from a simple song will brighten our day and remind us of how good life really is.  

Look for the sunshine and don't focus on the grey clouds of life.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Thing I Look Forward To

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy being home with Becky and our kids?  I am grateful for good employment but at the end of the day, I like to go home.

I spoke with a man who found that a little boring and somewhat strange that I could be so ‘tied’ to home and family.  I expressed to him the feeling of complete satisfaction that I gain from the peace that is there.

I believe that you can feel that same way if you don’t already have that feeling in your life.

I recall as a young boy the feeling of safety that filled my heart because of the stability and the love that was shown by my parents. 

The happiness I feel comes from that same kind of stability and a love that is unmatched.  I’m grateful to have a sweet wife and a family I adore!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Kind Reminder

Everyone has something in your life that means so much to you and because it’s something special, you want to share it with everybody. 

A talk was given at church, some months ago, about the responsibility to share the knowledge we have with our friends and neighbors.  I thought about what that means exactly.

There are people that I know who are really good at being good people no matter where they’re at or what they are doing. 

I like to believe that I give a good effort most every day as a person who is trying to do what is right.

I believe that the message I heard was just for me.  I love the knowledge that I have and I want to share it with those who are looking for the truth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fatherhood--And All Other Blessings

I am grateful for the priviledge of being a dad.  Today marks the 17th birthday of our oldest child (Natalie).  Happy Birthday!

I want to share a few feelings of my heart.  The first one is how quickly time has passed and the reality that it will be over before we can believe it.  I am so grateful for Nat and the kind of individual she is and the things that she 'stands for'.  I thank you for all that you do.

The second feeling is the gratitude I feel for Becky.  It is she who sacrificed and made the feelings I'm talking about possible.  She has always been a kind woman and she will do anything for anyone.  I am grateful for who she is and all that she does to enrich the lives of us all.

I love birthdays and want they represent.  This one has been a great one and I pray that life will be as rich as we want it to be.  Heaven shines it's love on us daily!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Teaches

A song came to my mind that caused me to reflect on my childhood days gone long ago.  They were such happy times for me and I feel exceptionally grateful for the way I was raised.  “When we’re helpful, we’re happy and we sing as we go.  For we like to help mother cuz we all love her so.  When we’re helpful, we’re happy and we sing as we go.  For we like to help father cuz we all love him so.”

I am grateful for my life and I appreciate the things I was taught and can now implement in my own child rearing opportunity.