Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Feel Thankful For Modern Blessings

I need to reflect for just a few minutes on the things that we so commonly overlook and focus on the importance they are in our lives.
It is beginning to get quite chilly in the evenings here in Utah.  I am thankful for our home that blesses us with shelter and warmth from the cold.  We have comfortable beds with thick blankets and soft pillows.  Whenever we need to go somewhere we are able to climb in one of our cars and drive to our destination.  How convenient!  There is delicious food placed before us and we consider ourselves richly blessed.
Our love spreads from one person to another in our family.  We feel the security in our family that love provides.  We are devout in our love and we do the things that uplift and edify each other.
Our faith is our life.  We have promised to serve our Father in Heaven and to take care of His children through our selfless acts of love.  We will do all that is required to do His will.
We live in a beautiful time in the existence of this earth.  Times are exciting and there is a lot to learn.
We are continually blessed with goodness.  It is a wonderful life!