Monday, October 15, 2012

Do What You Say

When I was young my parents taught us kids to do what we say.
I have tried to follow this wisdom. It is a very important principle to follow.  Let me share something with you that will illustrate the importance of doing what you say you will do.
I was hired to clean dirt off of wooden boards that were owned by a farmer who lived in the same small Utah town where we lived.  The boards were used to place in the cages of the farmer's younger mink so that they wouldn't fall through the links of the cage.  Once the mink got to a certain age and grew bigger, the boards were removed until the following year.  This farmer hired me for the job but because of the monotony of the job I didn't ever complete what I said I would do.
The boards remained in a heap without any concern from me.  The farmer didn't pay attention to my neglect until he needed the boards the following year.
You guessed it, this man was in a predicament because I didn't follow through.
Do what you say and then there will always be situations that are good and comfortable.