Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check Out Those Shoes

We've all experienced what I'm about to talk about. I have heard this from the mouths of our own children and other children as well.
"These new shoes can run fast!"
I can't help but smile when I have heard this.
I overheard a young boy say to his mother, "Mom, do you think that these new shoes will be able to run faster than Braxton?" The mother responded matter-of-fact to her son, "I'll bet so."
We all have things in our lives that give us the mental boost we need to overcome the trials and challenges that life 'deals' us. These psychological helps give the necessary energy we need to be the best that we can be.
Out of the mouths of young people are taught the valuable lessons we so badly need. I am grateful for these lessons that help me personally and give a perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise received. I love the outlook of children and the humor that comes with their simplicity.
The next time you face a difficulty, think about those fast running shoes that kids are convinced will sprint them to victory. If nothing else comes from that thought a smile will surely appear and a good laugh can get you through anything.