Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Can Do It

I am fortunate enough to have be blessed with the ability to be comfortable around other people.  There are people that we all know who don't feel that same way.  They are terrified when it comes to interacting with others, in fact, they would rather do about anything else.
I met a man named Moses Oliver from Charleston, South Carolina.  He is a large African-American man who is very shy and keeps to himself.  We were asked to introduce ourselves in front of a class size of 38 people.  Moses was terrified by this.  He and I talked and he told me that he was big and strong and that there were only a few things that really scared him and speaking in front of people was one of those fears.
He did get up and fulfill the assignment given to him.  He did a great job and he expressed himself very well.
The tough things get easier the more that you do them.  I watched Moses begin to overcome his own fear.
If you have a fear take the time to practice to overcome it.