Thursday, December 13, 2012

There Are Always 'Firsts'

Tonight was a night of a 'first' that doesn't even seem possible to me.  Danny and I went and watched Brady play in his first church basketball game.  He has been waiting for this time to come for sometime and it finally got here.
There are a lot of boys on the team and everybody got a chance to play and enjoy the game.  I watched Brady and thought about how quickly time has sped by since I was his age and was experiencing the same fun time that he is currently having.
This is just one of many other 'firsts' in life.  I am thankful for these times and I hope that I will always enjoy 'the moment' that these experiences offer.
Life is full of wonderful moments and I challenge everybody who reads this to take the time to enjoy the journey of the many moments that bless your life.
It was a joy to watch the happiness and contentment that Brady wore on his face.  He was in the moment and the memories he made tonight with be life-long ones.