Monday, October 29, 2012

Moving Forward--Together

Becky and I went to Orem to visit our grandparents. My mom is in town to be with them for the next week. Grandpa's health continues to worsen but he keeps 'hanging on' through these last days.
I thought about how good life is when we go through it together. I watch my grandma as she shows her true love and devotion for my grandpa and reflect on the promises that Becky and I made the day we got married.
I want to emphasize how important it is to move forward in life, even after the stumbles that take place, and be united in all that you do.
Marriage is ordained of God and the marriages between a man and a woman are supposed to be enjoyable. Working through the struggles builds strong character and the love that can be enjoyed is endless.
I held Becky's hand yesterday and felt grateful for all that she does to make life wonderful for me and our children.
Difficult times will come to all of us and some of you might be right in the middle of one of the 'storms' of life but there is hope that eventually the sun will shine through the clouds of mortality and the refreshment of a new beginning is shortly on the horizon. That new beginning will be worth the endurance that you pursued.
Move forward with faith and with a sense of unity that will prove the worth of the one that you so desperately love. Be in it together, no matter what!