Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Is You


Our family was talking about the many beauties of the earth and the opportunity we have to enjoy the various creations that surround us.  I fear that you will think that I'm some kind of wierdo but I hang in there and bear with me as I relate my feelings to you.
I watched an interesting looking bug crawl swiftly across the ground.  It's legs moved quickly and it made me tired just watching.  I watched it for several minutes as it covered a large area of ground heading toward it's destination.  I finally gave up on the bug and focused my attention elsewhere.  I have thought about that single creation and have tried to apply that small life with my own.
We are all created by a loving God.  He gave us life and the blessings that we see are a credit to Him.  I am grateful for the knowledge that He loves me.
There are many people who, for one reason or another, don't feel of that same love of which I speak.  Theirs is a life overwhelmed with discontent and despair.  I wish to share with everyone the import of seeing and recognizing all of the blessings that are given to us all.  There is great hope in this world because we are children of a God who loves us more than we can comprehend.  If life is currently weighing you down I strongly encourage you to inventory your life and find and recognize all of the blessings that you have receieved and then watch and number all of the other continuous blessings that will come.  You will see that they are there.
Like the little bug that often seems insignificant you are anything but that.  You are a child of God and your existence is extremely important in His eternal Plan.
Look in the mirror and recognize your significant role in the eternal scheme of things.  Show the beautiful smile that He has given you.  It will make all the difference!