Friday, November 16, 2012

Safety In The Truth

From as far back as I can remember I have heard and been taught that to tell the truth is always the better way.  That truth was first taught to me within the walls of our own home.
Please allow me to speak about some feelings I have received lately in my heart with regards to honesty.
I stood in a grocery store line where the customer in front of me had unloaded all of their groceries up on the conveyor belt to be checked by the cashier.  The cashier asked if there was anything on the bottom of the cart (as a friendly reminder if a customer had put something under the cart).  I could see that there was a case of water bottles on the shelf on the bottom of the cart.  The customer quickly answered with a "no".  The bottles were not visible to the cashier so she just proceeded to check out the other grocery items.  I stood there wondering why the customer had not told the truth.  I finally reached over and tapped the customer on the shoulder.  I pointed to the water bottles and this person gave me a glare.  Then  they reached down and grabbed the case of water bottles. 
This may not sound like a big deal to some but I believe that our responsibility is to be honest--all of the time!
This is one of those principles that teaches a long-term lesson.  I am thankful for parents who taught me to tell the truth.  It continues to bless my life for good.