Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fatherhood--And All Other Blessings

I am grateful for the priviledge of being a dad.  Today marks the 17th birthday of our oldest child (Natalie).  Happy Birthday!

I want to share a few feelings of my heart.  The first one is how quickly time has passed and the reality that it will be over before we can believe it.  I am so grateful for Nat and the kind of individual she is and the things that she 'stands for'.  I thank you for all that you do.

The second feeling is the gratitude I feel for Becky.  It is she who sacrificed and made the feelings I'm talking about possible.  She has always been a kind woman and she will do anything for anyone.  I am grateful for who she is and all that she does to enrich the lives of us all.

I love birthdays and want they represent.  This one has been a great one and I pray that life will be as rich as we want it to be.  Heaven shines it's love on us daily!