Thursday, October 11, 2012

Service Puts A Smile On My Face

Have you ever had a bad feeling when you help somebody out?
That's a dumb question of course.
Our family has been the recipient of acts of kindness throughout the years.  We have also been on the giving end and enjoy the happiness that comes from helping someone else.
Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes.  That is insignificant but there isn't a better feeling in the whole world than service for

I was in the grocery store and I watched as an elderly woman had dropped a couple of items out of one of the plastic grocery bags she was holding.  Without hesitation a man walking nearby quickly picked up the items and placed them back into the bag.  The elderly woman smiled and thanked the man sincerely.  I was grateful for his simple act of kindness.  Those are a big deal and they make me happy to know that there are a lot of good decent people who still care.