Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There Are Times

When I awakened this morning I was grateful that the night was over and a new day was about to begin.  My night was filled with strange dreams and my body really didn't seem to be able to rest.  Just like my dreams of the night, life seems to parallel that.  Have you ever felt like the happenings of life are going to smother you?
A elderly man and woman were strolling along the parking lot of a local grocery store.  They caught my attention immediately and I watched them for several minutes.  Theirs was a life restricted by a wheelchair--for both of them.  They rolled along side by side in their motorized wheelchairs, one hand on the joystick control the other hand holding each other.  I couldn't help but smile at their outlook on life.
I visited with a man at work that is on another team than I.  I hardly know him but we were in a meeting together.  He spoke of the difficulties of life that he is currently faced with and the struggle that it is to muddle through.  I agreed with him but my first thought was that before our conversation concluded, I would offer him a thread of hope that would help him get over the undulation of his own life.  He talked about our spouses and then naturally that led to our children.  We spoke of the things there are to learn and what the best ways are to go about different situations.  None of us have all the answers but we have lived through many experiences and through those we have gained some valuable insight.
I am constantly amazed at all of the various struggles that weigh people down.  Many of those are just life.  I can't stress enough the importance of holding our heads up high and striving daily to see the good in every situation--because it is there!  It may be hard to see but we need to make a special effort to look closely and find the very best.
It's all worth it.  The whole journey is extremely important.