Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Club Should I Use?

I went golfing with my dad and a cousin. We had a great time and, as usual, I played 'all' of the course. Golf is a humbling game but one that I enjoyed a great deal. I set up for a shot and I had just over 100 yards to the flag. I told my cousin Scott that I figured I would pull out my 10 iron. I have to do that at least one time during the round. I normally hit with that club when I'm no further than 80 yards out. I thought that I could 'muscle' the shot a little. I hit it nicely but in the air I could see that it was going to come up short of the green.
You are wondering what this game of golf has to do with my blog? There are hundreds of different possibilities in the game of golf. From shot to shot there are various angles and a lot of thought that must be considered to come up with what you hope will be the perfect shot. Life is very similiar to golf. There are many right ways to do things and there are some bad ways too. It is up to us to study things out, make a solid decision, and then carry out the decision that we made. With consistency, good decision-making, and proper execution, life seems to play out in a relatively good way. That doesn't mean that a 'bunker' isn't somewhere on the course but even then there are ways to get out of the sand of life. From one shot to the next take a good look at your club selection. The shots that you make will have bearing on how you feel your life is going. I'm grateful for my life and the shots that I face each and every day.