Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dreamers Live On

Our youngest boy, Danny, has always loved the feeling he gets while jumping on a trampoline.  I'm not sure if its the elevation you get when you jump high or if its the feeling of a good work-out, but he loves time spent jumping on the tramp.  We haven't had a trampoline now for a few years.  He has asked many times when we were going to get a trampoline.  Well, the idea came up that we ought to have a bake sale to raise some money to help buy a tramp.  Danny is very excited about it and so that is coming to pass.  On Saturday, August 18, 2012, a bake sale is being held to help with the purchase of this trampoline that Danny will love so much.  It will be held in Magna from 9 AM-2 PM, or until he sells out on 8000 West and about 2900 South.  Danny is looking forward to it and we know that he will learn a few valuable lessons from participating in this worthwhile effort.  Danny always has been a dreamer and I am so grateful for that.