Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Being A Gracious Receiver

I was reminded of the importance of being gracious in my life.  That one principle is extremely vital in order to more fully understand the very essence of who each of us are and what we are ultimately destined to become. 
The story is told of a young girl who was overjoyed by the reality that the precious hand-made gift she had made for her aunt would surely thrill her on the receipt of it.  She anticipated the giving of such a gift and hoped that her excitement would be proof enough of the intense effort she had given.  The long awaited time came for her to give.  She handed the gift and set it into her aunt’s hands.  Her aunt scowled at the simple gift, grabbed it with her one finger and thumb as if it was something disgusting.  She wrinkled her brow and a strange expression enveloped her face.  She dropped it to the ground and walked away to talk to somebody else who was in the room.  The girl was devastated by the lack of interest shown on behalf of her auntie.  Many years passed by and the remembrance of such ingratitude remained freshly engrained in the mind of the grown up girl.
At this time of year may each of us have the desire to be more grateful for the simplicities of our life.  It matters not the size of the gift or the cost of the item but rather the thought and effort put into the giving of it.  Christmas will be more meaningful and our lives will be completely enriched.