Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Case You Missed It

The speed of life is an interesting phenomenon.  The older you get the swifter it passes by.  I have always found it interesting to see what emphasis people place on certain things in their life.  I don't judge somebody for something or someone that they find especially important to spend their time with.  I do find it rather interesting when people occupy their time on things that yield absolutely no return on the investment made.
I would ask you to contemplate the things and interests that occupy your time.  While you're thinking I ask this of you: Does your spouse or children find place in your particular interests?  Remember, that when life comes to a close the things that you will think the most about will be the things that deal with the family.  I can't imagine that I will ever wonder why I didn't spend more time at work.  Or was my interest of such import that I may have sacrificed quality time with those who matter the most to me.
I'm not suggesting that interests are not important, I am hoping that those do not overshadow what is of significant worth in the end.
I find myself wondering and hoping that what I spend my time doing is of benefit to those who I have personal stewardship over and that will make the most difference.
Life is the training course that will help determine who I really am.  I want to pass successfully.