Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daddy, Are You There?

Our two boys and I attended a father and sons camp outing at the church owned property called Aspencrest.  It was a remarkable time and there was a fairly good showing from members of our ward. 
I need to share an experience with you that was profound and touching to my heart.
Early Saturday morning, I awakened by the sound of a small child crying.  I thought that it was a dream and so I listened carefully until I could hear the crying.  Soon a bright light shone in our tent and the young voice asked, "Are you there, daddy?"  I told the child that I was not his daddy but I asked him who he was.  He answered back with his name and I immediately knew that his tent was nearby where we were sleeping.  His father eventually heard the call from the child and he found his way.
You might not think this is that big of a deal but the parallel became very apparent to me. 
I know that my Father is there but there have been times in my life that I have needed His comfort and I have asked the same question the young child asked.  "Are you there?"
We can ask that question as often as we want and His answer will never disappoint.  He helps us in times of need. 
I am thankful for the precious experience I had while camping with our sons.  I will never forget it.