Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ever Been In A Funk?

Life is full of GREAT days!  I love my life but there are times when you have to fight through the trenches and battle until the clouds part and the sun comes shining through.  That's the feeling a friend of mine has had in recent times.  I think we all understand some of those times because its called life.  I have repeated over and over that the clouds of doom and gloom will pass and that when that time comes he needs to look for brighter things and be willing to put a smile on his face and move forward.  That is the key to life.  I like the analogy of falling down and standing back up on your feet, brushing the dirt off of you and then off and running again.  There is a freshness that comes from someone who chooses to look on the 'brightside' of life.  I am convinced that this particular approach will yield the greatest rewards.
If you're currently in a 'funk' keep working through it because things always get better.  We are children of a Creator who made us that way.  Everybody has rough patches but sooner or later those pass and the road gets smoothe again and things do become better.  Patience is important.  There is a time frame for everything and this situation is no different.  Life is full of beauty and wonder and the tough times help us grow and mold us into what we are to become.