Saturday, November 17, 2012

There To Love And To Nurture

I went to 7-Eleven to purchase a couple of loaves of bread that our family really likes.  When I went to pay for the bread the cashier was on her telephone and I could hear that her call was a difficult one.  As I sat the two loaves of bread onto the counter she said, "I love you" and then hung up the phone.  She had tears in her eyes and I asked her how her day was going.  She wiped the tears from one eye and then the other.  She told me that her grandson was terribly ill but that nobody was at home to really take care of him.  She said that she had to work and that she hoped he would be okay.  I hurt for her and hoped that her situation would be okay.
One of the many things I am grateful for is that Becky is a nurturing mother who loves on our kids, openly, and they love it.  She has always cared about showing me affection no matter where we are.  I have always appreciated her nurturing and kind nature.
It brings me great joy to have a mother who nurtured me and my siblings and took care of the needs that we had.  My father has always fulfilled his important role in our home and allowed our mom to be the nurturing type of mom that we needed.  Becky will always be considered blessed by our children. 
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't give thanks for my cherished life.