Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Good To Be Home

Some months ago I arrived home from a week long business trip.  I flew into the Salt Lake valley on a large commercial aircraft.  The pattern that the aircraft flew to align itself with the airport took the airplane directly over our house.  My heart became excited at the reality that I was returning home.  As the plane approached the runway and we were about to land I looked over toward the east to see if I could spot the Salt Lake temple.  I could see it and I knew that I was home.
There are different subjects that signify home to each of us.  I really like to be home because it gives peace and comfort to my heart.
For the two and a half hour flight I visited with a man seated next to me who just needed someone to listen to him and insure him that life was going to be okay.  He was a friendly person but there were many questions that he had that were still unanswered when it came to life.  He was in his sixties and I wondered if he felt that they would ever be answered to his satisfaction.  We talked about life and its purpose.  We talked about love and our children and his grandchildren.  We talked about our faith and I expressed to him that my faith was an anchor and a compass.  I encouraged him to find peace and comfort through an increase of faith and a love for the simple things in life.  I told him how excited I was to be home.
Even during a regular work day I think about Becky and our children all day long.  They are my life and my greatest joys come from them.
Just like our home and the sight of the temple put in place some subjects that help you to always realize what is really important to you.