Friday, August 31, 2012

I Learned From My Mom

Do you remember the time that you learned how to tie your shoes for the first time?  It is quite clear in my mind although it was many years ago. 
One end of the shoelace on top of the other.  Then form one loop and wrapping the other end around the loop and through the hole.  Grab hold of both loops made and pull it tight.  It seemed so hard at first but with some practice it has become second nature. 
My mom's patience was unwavering.  She knew that I would get it one day and she stood by my side with confidence in my ability.
So many other lessons have been learned from her. 
I have learned that through hard work and endurance I can learn anything, from a good teacher.  Thanks to my mom!  I love you for all that you do to teach me and help me.