Friday, November 30, 2012

Soar On The Wings Of Life

There are times in my life when I am awestruck by something that I see.  I watched a bird fly from the top of a large light pole and the way that it flew was graceful and effortless.  It has always been a great desire to be able to do something like flight with little effort and with a little bit of a 'rush' attached to the experience.  Now having said that I am not a lover of heights or great speed and daredevil antics.
There are however things in our lives that we can do that would compare to the flight of a bird.  
Think in your mind about one thing that you are particularly good at.  Everybody has something that they can do strongly.  Our talents are individual in nature but it takes everyone to make the world go 'round.
With that one strength think about what you can personally do to use that to help another.  It is especially true that this time of year is a time when many will go without.  The use of your strength will help to bring a much needed smile on the face of someone who feels burdened with the every day happenings of their life.
Ours is the opportunity, a privilege really, to lighten the load of the helpless.  We can make somebody smile who hasn't had a reason to for a very long time.   You can make an unbelievable difference in another person's life.  Now is that time!