Friday, October 12, 2012

Look For The Positive

I started this year with an idea of this blog that would attempt to share the positive in life.  I have tried to do that and I will continue to do it until the end of the year.
How good have you done to seek out the good and try to not focus on the negative?
If you've been looking you have realized all of the good things that happen each and every day.
All of the good will continue to happen because of all of the good people that live in our communities.
My challenge is that we are numbered among those good people who are trying to give more to others than we do for ourselves.  It's the selfless acts that bring true happiness.
Lets try to make the best out of every day.
There are more days ahead and I want to do my very best to be the type of person that others can count on to choose the right.