Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Little Clearer

I recently picked up one of those glass domes that you shake and the snow flakes engulf the entire dome. A scene is built inside the dome and the snowy effect of the tiny flakes creates a wintry atmosphere. I played with one of these from the time I was a small child but my focus is different now than it was then. As a boy I was mesmerized by all of the snow, giving little or no thought to the scene that was the essence of the dome. The snow flakes were the only thing I cared about. I shook the dome hard and tried to focus my attention on a small grouping of snowflakes. I look at the miniature figures that became covered with the flakes as they dropped ever so gently. Once I could see that all of the flakes had rested in their various places I shook the dome again, this time with a shifting focus. I tried to envision what the actual scene was about. I paid little attention to the movement of the snowflakes. I repeated this exercise one last time with my attention being placed on the entire scene as a whole. This experience taught me a couple of simple truths and reminded me of a lesson I have known all of my life.
Lesson #1--Don't become so involved with a singular act that you miss out on all of the other things that are happening all around.
Lesson #2--The small things of life are just as important as the big ones.
Lesson #3--Life is about the whole experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Who would have ever thought that a tiny glass dome would be impactful to me? It was. It's reminder was clear and concise. Our lives are filled with so many great things and to notice what we really have is a very integral part.
Just like it was for me the next time you shake one of those domes focus on the whole experience and not just the tiny flakes that flutter all about.