Thursday, November 1, 2012


The word 'tone' has a few different meanings. I wish to talk about it in the context of how we speak to others.
A person in the grocery store stands behind me in the checkstand line.  Words roll out of her mouth rapidly and I realize that nothing that has streamed from her mouth is kind.  I looke over at her and I realize that she is speaking to her aged mother who is seated in a motorized cart.  Her speech comtinued for a few moments and again I look in her direction.  This time her eyes met mine and I wanted so badly to remind her of her responsibility to respect her mother.  She got the hint and I didn't hear another cross word spoken.
As I exited the store I couldn't help but think of the many unkind  words that had and would probably continue to harm and damage the poor aged woman.  I'm sure that volumes of other things would tell the entire story but I vowed at that moment to always try to keep a kind tone in my voice.
Even in frustration, the tone we keep will dictate the outcome of the situation in so many ways.