Friday, September 7, 2012

Every Step

Their first steps are an incredible experience and all of the steps that follow are exciting. It seems like just yesterday that our children were taking those 'first' steps that were anticipated. The freedom that would come by the independence they would gain. Was the independence for them or for me?
I am forty now and I read every day that someone else has passed away and they are my age and younger. It is a gentle reminder that the steps we take today need to count for something. Life is full, literally, and there are many things to do but I want to live today with purpose and meaning.
I am grateful for guidance and direction that I feel in my life. There is a Plan and by following that Plan life is always worth living. The everyday steps mean something and contribute to constant growth.
Do something today that has purpose not only for you but for someone else.
Today is the time to do my best and tomorrow I will pick up where I left off and continue to strive to do my best. It's all that is asked. One foot in front of the other.