Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today we attended a reunion on my Grandpa's side of the family. (my mom's
 dad)  It was an enjoyable time and it was really nice to see some of the people that we don't ever see.  We weren't expecting to see our grandparents.  To our surprise, they showed up.  I learned a couple of valuable lessons.  First, there are people who are very gritty and tough.  I hope to be that kind of person. (I don't think I'll be tough when it comes to reunions, though)  The second thing is sometimes you do things that aren't very fun.  In fact, many things in life are not about you.  I am striving to do things for others because its important to them.
How thankful I was to be in the presence of my grandparents.  It is a joy to be in their midst.  I don't know how long they will be around but today was a great opportunity to be with them and to love them.