Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Children

I want to devote this entire post to our four children. they bring Becky and I untold joy. They are trying to be the best that they can be and I believe that they are succeeding in their quest to be more like their Savior, Jesus Christ.
Natalie is a huge help to us as parents. She is old enough to be responsible and to be very capable to do many things around the house. She is a terrific example of righteousness and giving her very best effort in life. Her work ethic is amazing. She sticks to the task at hand and doesn't stop until the job is done. Thanks Nat for being a great daughter. I love you.
Laurel is full of life with plenty of energy. I love the way that she tackles life. She is outgoing and doesn't seem afraid of very much. She is hard-working and dedicated to doing the things that are right. She is helpful and will do what she is asked to do. Becky and I are grateful for her presence in our family. I love you.
Brady is a gentle boy. He is a loving boy who wants to do the right. From the time that he was a little boy Becky and I have been grateful for his smile and his open affection with us. I marvel at the love he has for his mom. There aren't very many eleven year old boys that will give their mom a hug and a kiss, even out in the open when the world says that its not cool to do so. Thanks for loving us openly, Brady. I love you so much!
Danny is a happy boy. He has an enthusiasm that is infectious. His smile brightens the day. I am grateful for his accepting nature--arms wide open for the underdog. I love the energy that he brings to our family as the youngest child. I thank heaven every day for this nice boy.
There isn't a dad on this planet that is more thankful than I to have the children that Becky and I have to look after and to teach. We learn so much and I hope that Becky and I will take the opportunity to give daily thanks for these four kids. It is a true joy!