Monday, August 6, 2012

It Can Always Be More Difficult

I sat in church and listened to an individual talk about the challenges that they face.  This person has endured some terrible things but I had to remind myself that my life is very good and I have challenges too.  We all have them and some are more intense than others but we all have the God-given capability to overcome them.
The Atonement of Jesus Christ helps with all of the obstacles that we face.  That is why His act is so important and needed for all of mankind.
Stop for a moment and think about what the Atonement means for you, just today.  I want you to review what that really means.  It is complex and hard to perfectly imagine what He did for you and me, but He did.
I am grateful for all that I learn from the trials that come my way.  I hope that is the same feeling you have.
We are loved and our Father understands what we face completely and fully.  We are never alone.