Sunday, August 5, 2012

Words From The Heart

Tonight, we shared moments together that we will remember into the eternities.  We decided to 'go for a ride' in the van and enjoy one another's company.  We enjoy being together as a family and listening to the thoughts and feelings that come from the heart.  Natalie wanted to share a few words from the scriptures that were particularly touching to her.  Each of our four children subsequently shared their feelings and words of scripture that they had studied in church, that meant something to them. 
Becky and I sat in the front seats and glanced over to each other on several occasions, touched by the rehearsal of words and feelings of the heart.  I felt a sense of peace and a glimpse of eternity, if we will do what is right.  I am so thankful for the divine organization of family.  I give thanks for all that I learn and the pure desire I have to do what is good and right.
Tonight was a 'parent payday.'  I am a better person for this experience.  I love my family!