Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm Glad To Hear Your Voice

The tone of a person's voice becomes familar very quickly. The personalized working of that tone is comforting in various ways.
I watched a young child listen intently to their mother and their eyes peered up and down toward the mother's mouth and eyes. I wondered silently what the tone from the mother's mouth really meant to the child. Inside my mind I rehearsed the many times that I have heard my parents speak, my wife speak, and even the sounds of our children's voices. I imagine that I would easily recognize these voices even if I couldn't see them. Because they are important people in my life I know how important the tone of their voices is to me.
That comfort translates to the comfort we can feel even when these people are no longer around us. It is that comfort that helps us deal with their absence.
Every day I think about Becky and our kids. I wonder how their day is going and what they are learning. I think about the latest conversation I have had with them. I think about my intense love for each individual. I even anticipate when I will see them in the afternoon. I love my family!
All of us have people that are dear to our hearts and we long to talk to them or be in the same room. I find great comfort and satisfaction in the kind tone of the voices of the people I love the very most.