Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't Let It Be Traveled Alone

I watched a man walk down old Magna main street.  He was alone and each step that he took jotted a chapter of what his life was all about.  I knew this man and my heart ached for him.  He is a good man but has been sidetracked from the principles that he knows will bless his life.  His clothing was different and it showed to me that his once financial stability was no longer.  He carried a brown paper sack in his hand that illustrated his slavery to a bottle of sadness.  I couldn't help but think of the goodness that he had displayed in his life while helping another in a time of struggle. 
It was a reminder that life is at times a 'school of hard knocks'.  How important it is to be prepared to withstand the trials that come our way. 
When I was a young boy I never had to worry about the lack of stability in our home.  I never wondered if my parents were nice to one another.  I didn't even think about that kind of thing because I just knew that they loved each other.  I heard them tell each other that they loved each other but more important I watched them love each other.
I want our children to know that Becky and I love each other--through word and deed.  I want them to build in their hearts a desire to one day find someone who wants to share this same kind of life with them that we so richly enjoy.
I'm hopeful that this man that wanders Magna main street will one day awaken to the things that are important and foster a desire to return to the good life that he once possessed.
It's a great life that is filled with endless possibilities to find and experience goodness to enrich our souls.  Go after it and find all of the joy that you so richly deserve.  It is the designed destiny of all mankind!