Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Getting Tall

Our boys and I went to the Magna Library.  Just inside the door is a large fee-standing wall with a arrow slide on the side and a measuring tape runs from top to bottom.  You stand up next to the wall and you slide the arrow to match the top of your head to find out how tall you are.  Brady, our oldest boy, stood up to the wall and asked, "How tall do you think I am?"
I reallly didn't know what the outcome would be.  I slid the arrow until it reached the top of his head.  The tape read five foot three and a heavy quarter. 
It took me forever to get to be five three.  I can't believe how big our kids are getting.  It amazes me that the time is racing by.
One of the highlights for a kid is getting taller.  It's how you measure growing up.  I am thrilled for these kinds of times.