Monday, December 17, 2012

The Blessing Of Children

We can read in the scriptures about the importance of children.  I look around and I am grateful for our own children and the gifts and talents they have.  I read a small piece  about children in the Bible, written by a woman who is a member of the Methodist Church.  It was nicely worded and I liked it a lot.

"Children were often inserted into Bible stories as objects to make a point to adults. Even our favorite stories about children who became great leaders, such as Moses and Jesus, were written long after the fact to make a strong case for their leadership."  (J. Ann Craig)

I love to watch what children do and to interact with them is a treat!
When I was serving as a full-time missionary for the LDS church I was assigned to a city where there were a lot of children at church.  I quickly learned that the children were my greatest allie when it came to learning the Dutch language because they are honest and would tell me if I was saying something wrong.  I did learn that their indication of my errors was through laughter.  That was okay and I appreciated their honesty.
I am grateful for the children in our lives.  I love our four children more than words can describe.  My life is trully blessed because of their love and the talents they share with me.