Friday, August 17, 2012

The Glue That Holds It All Together

I have noticed for many years that being married to Becky is a joy beyond comprehension. I also understand what caliber of woman she is. There are no boundaries at what she is capable of doing. She is extremely creative and she is a 'go-getter'!
I am so grateful for the characteristics she possesses of goodness. She defines the word integrity. She is a solid and devout friend. Her goodness gets overlooked many times but she doesn't do good to be noticed. I love what she has to offer those who know her and those that love her.
I am grateful when I'm in her presence--she makes me a better person.
I hope that all who read this have somebody in their life who 'multiplies' you and helps you reach your potential.
Becky blesses the lives of each of our children and they will hold her in high esteem all the days of their lives and into the eternities.
Thank you for being who you are! I love spending my life with you.