Monday, December 10, 2012


Light is refreshing and it brings hope into life. I have always enjoyed being in 'the light' rather than in the dark. The brightness fills my soul with happiness and joy. When I was a young kid I recall a time when I was with a group of kids around my same age. I recall that we were in a dark place (The basement to a home that was under construction. It was still in the framing stage.) and I had a dreary feeling about being there. I distinctly remember how I felt and I even mentioned that I felt a little uncomfortable. One of the kids told me to quit being a 'sissy' and don't worry about that stupid feeling I was having. When we finally abandoned the home and headed toward our own homes I felt grateful to be out in the light and to feel better about where I was.
On a number of occasions, I have felt the darkness that is experienced when I was not in a place where I shold have been. I have spent most of my life in the light that is joyful. When we're in the light our lives are blessed immensely. The direction we can gain is more than we can comprehend. Life is everything we hope it will be when we grasp onto the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This life is our opportunity of love given from the hands of a loving God. Stay in the light and everything else will take care of itself.