Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your Stride

Our daughters were talking about the length of their strides when they walk. The feedback was that our youngest daughter has to take three walking steps to equal one of our oldest daughter's strides. It got me thinking about what the strides in our own lives mean to each of us. What does my stride mean to me personally?
I believe that the 'strides' that we make have a impact on life and how it all plays out for us as individuals. I observed an older gentleman serving a woman that was much younger than he. The task wasn't particularly easy for the man but the smile he wore on his face told me that he enjoyed what he was doing. In my mind this man was lengthening his stride.
I am personally blessed by the strides of so many others around me who take the time and make the effort to ease the burdens of those around them. I watch intently as these same people make the efforts without the expectation of thanks.
The strides that our daughters talk about teach us a valuable lesson. It doesn't matter the length of your stride rather the willingness to lengthen it.