Monday, September 24, 2012

Good Taste

As a child my mom and dad taught me lessons that dealt with expressing good taste. The manner that I dressed was one of these examples. Another was the 'company' that I kept--in other words the friends that I associated with.
There are many who choose a contrary point of view but it is up to me and you to display the things in our lives that are of good taste.
An example was brought up of the importance of speaking about things that are appropriate and uplifting. Our children are constantly bombarded with the filth that so prevalently surrounds them. The hallways of their schools are laced with the language that would make a sailor blush.
I would echo the feelings of my parents. Let the words that proceed out of your mouth be the kind that would bring honor and a great deal of satisfaction to those that are the very closest to you. When I say something I often think about the appropriateness of it and reflect on whether my wife, children or parents would find it acceptable.