Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Love You, Dad

I am a man who is blessed with so many things.  Being born to good parents is an important thing to me and something that I express gratitude for every single day.
Last night, my dad was presented with a very nice recognition from members of the Muslim community in the Sacramento, California area.  My mom accompanied him for this highlighted evening.  As you might remember, my dad currently serves as the president of the Interfaith Council of Sacramento.  I must admit that I'm not a person who is impressed by titles so I'm not boasting about his title...neither is my dad.  I state that only to impress upon your minds the goodness that can be done by a person who is called to lead.  He does that very effectively.  What is his secret?  He LOVES people.  He is accepting of ALL people.  He learns what others believe and then RESPECTS them for how they choose to live. 
When I was a teenager, I attended a early morning seminary class at the church. (Seminary for me was studying and learning about the scriptures and then learning how to apply what I learned to be a better person and a true follower of Jesus Christ.)
My dad substituted for our teacher on a few different occasions.  It excited me and it excited my friends too.  He is the type of man who makes others feel comfortable and he's very easy to be around. 
I am so proud of my dad for his recognition but more importantly I thankful for who he is and who he represents.  I love you, dad!  Thanks for all that you do to bless and enrich my life.