Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Power of Kind Words

I know people who are heroes in my life.  They are heroes in a different way than is typical. 

No matter the situation that they find themselves in their words are the same.  They reflect a person who is willing to bridle their frustrations and speak in a respectful way—all the time!

I hope that by the time my life is through that I will be a person like this.

One of these heroes is somebody I don’t even know that well.  He works at the same place I do.  Granted, I have never been in his home and I don’t interact with him in any other venue than work but for a lot of years I have watched him treat others how he would like to be treated and always kept himself in control.  He speaks in a tone of gentleness.  I admire that a great deal.

The power that comes from gentle words is incredible.  I hope to be like one of my heroes.