Friday, August 10, 2012

The End Approaches

For those of you who have kept a close eye on the Olympic's about over.  I am grateful for the things that I've read and seen.  I am grateful for an opportunity for the world to come together in a united venue to compete and to better understand each other.  Here are a few photos that  help us visualize some of the memorable things we've seen.
I haven't watched but a few things but I enjoy when the Olympics come around.  Sunday night wraps them up for another four years.

Brazilian soccer player Romulo adjusts a teammate's head with some on-field chiropractic.

After two weeks of Olympic competition, the hallucinations start kicking in. Lindsey Berg thinks she's looking at Justin Bieber.

Freestyle wrestling includes butt-kicking, head-banging and -- shown here -- boot-licking.