Saturday, December 1, 2012

Orientation For School

It's official, I am attending orientation at the University of Utah.  I am really excited to be going to school and to help better life and learning.  
I am one of about three hundred 'transfer students who will begin school for the spring semester.
There have been some really good things spoken about.  I have been sitting between a man and a woman--the woman majoring in Biomedical Engineering and the man in journalism.  Our conversations have been motivating and I appreciate the comfort that I feel when talking with other people.
I have a 'hill' to climb but this is well worth the effort that is required and I know we can do it. I want our children to know how important this is and I hope that they will possess a sincere desire to go to college and to create more opportunities for themselves and their families.
Learning is a beautiful thing!  To stimulate our minds is part of the Plan.  I am thankful for this opportunity to go and I appreciate the support of my lovely wife, Becky.  Thanks for your support and your confidence in me--it is apparent that many don't have what you and I enjoy.  I love you very much!
Have I ever expressed how much I love my life?  Well, I do!