Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lift Your Head High

An experience came to my remembrance. It happened when I was a young boy. I was present when a cousin of mine was wrestling in the championship match of his weight class. He too was young but a talented wrestler. The match was against a good friend of his so we all knew that there was going to be a winner and then someone would also take second place. As I think about that moment long ago I still get 'butterflies' in my stomach. They were equally matched and they understood how the other wrestled. I remember at a timeout my grandpa telling my cousin that he would give him a sizable amount of money if he won the match. My cousin was exhausted and I think grandpa was trying to give some sort of motivation to help breathe some new life into him. The matched resumed and there were back-and-forth points earned by both wrestlers. At the very end of the match my cousin had nothing left in his 'tank.' He let down his defensive guard and his opponent and good friend pinned him to the mat for a victory. I will never forget the tears of frustration that flowed from my cousin's eyes.
I have had and continue to experience my own frustrations. That is a fact of life. Because those are going to happen the secret seems to be to lift up your head and find what is good in what you consider to be an unfortunate situation.