Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Capital "Q" In Quality Family Time

Last night we sat around the kitchen table to frost and decorate Halloween sugar cookies that Becky had baked.  I looked around the table and thought about the time we spend together and what great memories it solidifies in our lives.  There are some that wouldn't find this kind of activity enjoyable but it felt like a small piece of heaven to me.
There are conversations that don't happen anywhere else in our lives than those than occur around the kitchen table.  I love to hear what is going on in the minds of our kids, their interests, and their desires.  I love that there is a comfortable atmosphere where they can be open without fear of anything negative happening to them.  I love that we have a safe home where we can enjoy one another.  I love that we can be frank with one another and live in peace and harmony.
Our daughter, Laurel expressed her love for her family.  It made me happy that our kids want to succeed together.  I am grateful for the joy and happiness that they all bring to mine and Becky's life.  It is a rich blessing to be a husband and father and to thoroughly enjoy myself.  My life is a dream come true and I have my family to thank for that.  I love you all!