Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jump It

Did you know that the height of a hurdle ranges between 30 and 42 inches?  On a full sprint people jump those and make it look incredibly simple while doing it.

Let’s compare those same hurdles to the ones that confront us in our daily lives.  Some of those hurdles might look like this.  Having tolerance for all people.  Talking in a nice tone—especially to those who mean the most to us?  Rendering service to someone in need—even when it’s inconvenient?  How about the neighbor that drives you completely nuts? 

These are just a few.  There is an assortment of many others.

It just doesn’t matter the height that those hurdles are.  We have the power to control what we do and how we will react. 

Try a little harder tomorrow than you did today and soon you will see the difference by the effort that you give.