Friday, October 19, 2012

Never Enough Smiles

I was with our boys and I watched as the many people walked past us with frowns on their faces.  I wondered to myself the cause of such looks. 
I can hear my mom's quiet words in my mind.  I'm forty years old and her advice seems more and more profound at the present time.
There are so many reasons to wear a smile on our faces.
I had a recent conversation with a man that I would consider a pessimist.  I made the comment that there is a lot to smile about and he rebutted with negativity.
I would suggest that a smile should be an automatic.  It sure helps turn most situations into a positive experience.
I love the words of a song that goes something like this:

"A smile is like the sunshine; It brightens up the day. It gives the eye a twinkle And chases frowns away." (Anna Johnson~LDS Children's Songbook)

Give the world a smile and show them that you are really happy.  Your actions will positively affect somebody else and brighten up their day.