Monday, September 3, 2012

The Picture

Our family went and visited my grandparents while my mom and dad were in town. My grandparents are elderly people. I am amazed at the flow of genetics that runs so deep in who we are.
My dad took a picture with me next to my grandpa. I got a lot of my physical appearance from his gene pool. As I looked at his old body and his once very large and physically strong hands I realized that they are now feeble looking and the strength has minimized. It is hard to imagine that just a short season ago I wondered if my grandpa and grandma would ever get old. They were both very active. Age has caught up to them and now they are slowed by the many activities in the years that are passed.
I am grateful for the gift of time and the opportunities for learning and growth. There is in each of us a similar gene pool that will be carried from us to one of our family members. Time races by swiftly and the only thing we have control of is today. Make today the very best that it can be. Make a difference! Somebody needs you and what you have to offer them will make all the difference.