Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things Spiritual

Yesterday, our family decided to go to Orem with the feeling that it would be the last time that we would see grandpa alive here in this mortal life.
I'm so glad that our family took the opportunity to go and to show our love and support for grandma in this difficult time.
Before we left I went into the bedroom where grandpa lay and stood next to his bed and listened to his breathing.  It was a spiritual experience for me personally to be with him before he leaves this wonderful existence and moves on to his eternal reward.
I love any opportunity to enjoy the feelings during the experiences that are beyond what this mortal life normally has to offer.  It is through these experiences that our hearts are filled with wonder of the things that are eternal.
Although the days are numbered for my sweet grandpa I am grateful for the knowledge of forever and the peace that this knowledge offers.  I know that an eternal existence is ahead for every one of us as children of our loving Father.  It is through Jesus Christ that the opportunity to live in the presence of our Father again can come to pass.  It is the desire to be better that motivates me for the future possibilities that can be mine. 
Families can be together forever as long as we do our part and live up to the expectations that our Father has.  Our Father has promised to us all that He has.  It is my greatest desire to be more like Him.