Friday, November 9, 2012

I Will See

Here in Utah we experienced a complete 'white-out' with the mass amounts of snow that fell on the weekend. It is winter time here in this state and I am extremely grateful.
I questioned my like while driving in it. The snow fell so densely but it beautified everything around. The trees were snow-capped and picturesque.
While driving our car the large over-sized flakes fell gently on the car windshield. The wipers moved quickly from one side of the windshield to the next clearing off the moist flakes. I drove cautiously but wondered about our safety the whole drive. At one point I wondered if I would be able to see. The snow fall fluctuated at first falling heavily and then lightening up a bit.
'Snow' falls in our lives and we wonder just as I did if we are really going to be capable of seeing all of the necessary things we need to. It is a challenge but we some how seem to find the end of the road and the success that we feel brightens our day and enriches our life. Such was the case with the snow fall. We eventually got to our destination with safety and were able to accomplish all that we needed to do.