Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Will You Choose, And How Will You Choose It?

I have a man that I know who was involved in a serious criminal act that has landed him in jail--with the potential of a long stay.  I feel bad for the choice that he made and the consequences that now follow.  His is a long road ahead and a lot of pain and suffering for him and his children will yet insue.
I can't emphasize the importance of making good decisions.
Many years ago, I sat in church and was taught a valuable lesson that has helped on several occasions.  The lesson was this.  Make the decisions ahead of time so that when the time comes when you are faced with decisions that need to be made, you have them already made.  That may sound crazy but you would be surprised how effective that solid counsel is.
When Becky and I were first married, we made a committment to one another that we would never go to lunch, alone, with someone of the opposite sex--a co-worker or friend.  We have kept that committment with each other but we have both been faced with the situation and it was easy because we had already made the decision ahead of time.
The lesson was good then and it is still so now.